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The Searching For Simplicity Tour brought the band to the US East Coast throughout November 1997 and from late December 1997 to early January 1998, followed by a number of dates on the US West Coast during February (one date in Canada). GA&F then toured Japan during April and the beginning of May, followed with Nevada and California in June and July 1998 and the US East Coast during October/November '98 and December/January '98/'99. In May '99 the band played three shows in California; on Oct. 3 '99 the band performed at the B.R. Cohn Winery Fall Festival in Glen Ellen, CA; and the last GA&F tour of 1999 brought the band to the US East Coast for 21 shows, from November 28, 1999  to January 1, 2000. During April 2000 the band played four shows in Southern California, and one at the Fillmore in San Francisco. GA&F started off the Fall/Winter 2000 tour with 6 shows in Las Vegas, NV followed by several East Coast shows from October 18 to November 20. The end-of-the-year shows were in Georgia and Alabama, and the final GA&F show of the previous century took place on Dec. 31 2000 at The Tabernacle in Atlanta, GA.

The first 2 shows of 2001 were in California and Washington during July: Luther Burbank Center in Santa Rosa CA on the 26th and the World of Music, Arts and Dance Festival in Redmond, WA where GA&F headlined on the 28th. During Oct/Nov, the band played 16 shows starting in Florida then moving through LA, TX, NM, AZ, NV, CA and WA to Oregon. Back on the road again in December, GA&F played 8 shows starting in Savannah, GA on the 27th and ending in Chicago, IL on January 6, 2002. Then a little over a month after that, two shows (Feb. 15-16) in Florida! The Fall/Winter 2002 tour consisted of 25 shows over a period of 32 days on the road. Starting in Macon GA, GA&F played 18 shows from Oct. 18 to Nov. 10. Back on tour in late December, the last 7 shows of the tour started on Dec. 27 at the House Of Blues in Orlando FL. New Year's was at The Tabernacle in Atlanta GA, and the final show was on Jan. 5, 2003 at the State Theatre in Kalamazoo, MI.

The 2007 shows started in Lincoln City, OR on May 25 with added West coast dates in June and trips to Italy, Poland and England in July. From October to November the band played several shows on the East Coast, in the South East and two in Texas. The final show for 2007 was on Nov. 11 at the Love Ride Foundation Event Pomona, Ca.