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Word Of Mouth, Digi-pack (1994)
Word Of Mouth, Digi-pack 1992

Vicious Rumors "Word of Mouth" was also released in special edition packaging. European label Rising Sun Records wanted to have something extra special for their version of the cd, so they threw us in the studio. We were in Hannover Germany on the "Ultimate Power Force Tour", and we went into a recording studio with Engineer Steve Mann. Steve was also a talented guitarist who played with Michael Schenker Group and Sweet. We decided to do a couple of covers: "Paint It Black" by the Rolling Stones and "Communication Breakdown" by Led Zeppelin. We worked up our own special versions right there in the studio. I did the solos on Paint It Black and Geoff on Communication Breakdown. Paint It Black has a heavy gallop to it and Communication Breakdown we did in low C# tuning. Carl of course completely kicked ass on both tracks in a way that Jagger or Plant could never do. Paul Quinn, guitarist from Saxon, sang backing vocals with us on Communication Breakdown and really gave it that authentic British sound. We cut the music live and dubbed the vocals. Both tracks were recorded in one day and were mixed the next. There's a vibe on those tracks that is very cool! The packaging for the cd unfolds with pictures taken on the Ultimate Power Force Tour as well as a pop up VR Ball. We were very stoked when we saw the final version. The Japanese of course had to have their own special version so in turn they added two live cuts, No Fate and Ministry of Fear, from the Cabaret in San Jose, Ca. They were included in the first 1000 copies of the Japanese release for Alfa Records on a mini disc. A very cool collectable item for all those hardcore VR fans out there. It even comes in its own special mini cd VR sleeve. I wish we could have put it out on vinyl, that would have been the ultimate!!!