Jamie Van De Bogert & Floyd Miles

(Photo by Nunu)

Jamo has played drums and percussion all over the world for over 15 years and is currently touring as Drummer for the Gregg Allman and Friends (GA&F) band. Jamo has played with such artists as: Floyd Miles, Mark McGee, Jaimoe Johnny Johnson of the Allman Brothers Band, Derek Trucks and the Derek Trucks Band, Brian Johnson of AC/DC, Mark Showalter, Neal Larsen, the Alameda All Stars, Danny Chauncey, Buzz Feiten, 38 Special, Government Mule, Sonia Dada, Firehouse and John Prestia. Jamo is an experienced studio musician and writer as well as a high energy live performer. In addition to touring with GA&F, Jamo is currently in the studio recording for Mark McGee's solo album. Jamo is also a drum instructor in his home town of Sarasota, FL and is a highly sought consultant for many players seeking recommendation from him for the purchase of new equipment. In addition to his many playing tours, Jamo traveled with acts such as: InSync, Frogwings, and the Outfield as a stage manager/drum technician.

E-Mail Jamo at jamo.drums@verizon.net

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