Now - live 1985
Rob Bonstin: Vocals, synthesizers
Mark McGee: Guitars, vocals
Devin Lacey: Bass
Mark Peña: Drums

Now was the first band that Mark was acting leader, spokesperson, and songwriter. The band consisted of ex- Overdrive drummer Mark Peña, Devin Lacey on bass, and Rob Bonstin on lead vocals & keyboards. Mark had a much more versatile group of musicians to work with in Now than he had in Overdrive. In turn, the material was much more diverse, ranging from hard rock to progressive to pop. A great time was had by all as they took the local S.F. Bay Area music scene by the reins, gigging often and building up a continued following. While short-lived, this band brought Mark to a new musical level, inspiring his never ending desire to grow and explore the unknown.