1979 - 1983

Overdrive was the first professionally working band Mark was in. Along with Mark, the band consisted of longtime friends Mike Carsey (guitars), Mark Peña (drums), and Randy Ferreira (bass), plus Jimmi Ward on bass ca. 8 mos. in 1982. All of the band members were 15 years old when Overdrive started gigging throughout the San Francisco Bay Area club scene. They opened for such acts as Randy Hansen, Metallica, Loudness, Ratt, Quiet Riot and many others as well as headlined all of the major clubs in the S.F. Bay Area. They built up a strong following in the early eighties hard rock scene, and it was a great time for them as they learned the ropes of the professional music world.

Musicians (1979-1983)
Mark McGee: Guitars, Vocals
Mike Carsey: Guitars
Randy Ferreira: Bass
Mark Peña: Drums
Jimmi Ward: Bass*

* ca. 8 mos. in 1982

Some song titles:

  • Music In My Head
  • No Trust
  • She's So Young
  • Running (From Destruction)
  • Burnin'
  • Those Eyes
  • Letting Go
  • Hooked On You