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Leroy Thomas   
You Still Make Me Dream - Single
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You Still Make Me Dream - Single (2019)Mark played slide guitar and bass.

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Bonstone - Zombie HeartBonstone is an original group created and fronted by singer/songwriter/keyboardist Rob Bonstin.

Mark and Luvplanet vocalist Nicole Sutton appear on the track Luv Runs Deep, a beautiful ballad/duet with Rob and Nicole on lead vocals and Mark on background vocals and guitars. Rob and Mark previously played together in the band Now (1984 to 1985), writing and playing original songs ranging from hard rock to progressive to pop. Rob also directed Luvplanet's Lucky One and Virtual Life music videos. Rob and Mark have had a strong friendship over the years, and contributing to the Bonstone album was an absolute pleasure.

Eternal Flight   
Diminished Reality, Elegies and Mysteries
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Diminished Reality, Elegies and Mysteries (2011)

    Mark plays lead guitars on two songs:
  • 1) The Meeting
  • 2) Goodbye

Mickey Thomas   
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Marauder (2011)

    Mark plays on the following tracks:
  • 1) Gimme Shelter
  • 3) Maybe I'm Amazed
  • 11) Delta Lady
  • 14) Money Talks

Eda Maxym   
Circle of Sparks
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Circle of Sparks (2011)Mark plays lead guitar on "Here" and "Trouble"

Stuart Hamm   
Just Outside Of Normal
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Just Outside Of Normal (2010)Mark plays slide guitar on "Going to California"

Sky High Soundtrack
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Sky High SoundtrackSong: Everybody Wants To Rule The World - w/Chrisitan Burns
I play guitars on this "Tears for Fears" hit from 1984 for this Disney movie.

Info Guitar Farm  

Click for enlargementGuitar Farm (released in 2005) is an explosive instrumental guitar cd that showcases many California and West coast guitarists. I played on 3 songs with guitarists Pat Thrall, (Meatloaf, Pat Travers), Dave Meniketti (Y&T), Jeff Tamilier (Tower of Power), Brad Gillis & Jeff Watson (Night Ranger) and Stef Burns (Alice Cooper, Huey Lewis). The songs that I played on are: "Guitar Farm," "Barn Dance" & "Phone Chord". There is also a guest appearance by Steve Morse (Deep Purple, Kansas, Dixie Dregs).

Guitar Farm was masterminded and produced by California based musician Steve Woolverton. The songs were written by Steve Woolverton & Jimmy Zeigler. The cd was mixed by Karl Derfler (No Doubt) and recorded by engineer Brad Barth at Audio Voyage Studios in Livermore, California.

Gary Moore Tribute
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Give Us Moore! - Gary Moore Tribute"Give Us Moore! - Gary Moore Tribute" (2004 Lion Music) is a fabulous compilation paying homage to one of rock's greatest guitar heroes. You may know him from Thin Lizzy or for his blues music. I was asked to contribute a track to this cd from a friend of the record company Lion Music. It came out really great. I performed with musicians from Luvplanet: Nicole Sutton, Scott McKenzie & Tommy Sisco. The song I chose was "Don't Take Me for A Loser" from Gary's 1983 release, "Corridors of Power". This was the first song I ever heard by him, and it just blew me away. It was an easy choice for me to make even though there aren't really any bad Gary Moore tunes. He's from Ireland and is just amazing. It was recorded at Audio Voyage Studios in Livermore, CA in the summer of 2004. This is a great release and all the acts that appear do justice to his songs. It was very cool to be involved in this. Check it out!

  • Track Listing
  • Dogpound – Led Clones
  • Arabesque – She’s Got You
  • Domain – Over the Hills and Far Away
  • Star Queen – Empty Rooms
  • Daniel Flores and Friends - Wild Frontiers
  • Mark McGee and Luvplanet - Don't Take Me For A Loser (MP3)
  • Tony Hernando – Thunder Rising
  • Joop Wolters – The Loner
  • Regi Hendrix and Craig Erickson – Reach for the Sky
  • Eric Sands - Military Man
  • King of Darkness – Falling in Love with You
  • House of Shakira – Shapes of Things
  • Iron Mask – Out in the Fields
  • Orion Riders – After the War
  • Mattsson – Parisienne Walkways

Stuart Hamm   
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Outbound (2000)I first met Stu in early 1999. We spent most of that year rehearsing with drummer Jeff Campitelli and singer/songwriters Nicole Sutton and Katie Schuch on a new musical endeavor which would become the debut cd by Luvplanet. During this time much fun was had playing music together, and in turn Stu mentioned he had a song he was working on for his solo cd "Outbound" and that he thought I'd sound good on it. I eagerly told him I'd love to play on it. The song is titled "Remember". It's very atmospheric and melodic with a strong moving theme. It was recorded in San Francisco, and I used my Custom Shop Fender Stratocaster direct out of my Fender "Twin Amp" and in to Protools. It was a lot of fun for me for I had admired Stu's playing for a number of years. In turn Stu cut bass tracks for a song of mine called "River" that will be on my first solo cd "Gem", which should be released in 2002! He does a wonderful melodic bass solo in the middle section of this song.

"Outbound" is a great cd. It's filled with a variety of styles and features Stu's brilliant bass playing and contains guest appearances by such players as drummer Steve Smith (Journey, Vital Information) and keyboard wizard Frank Martin. Stuart Hamm is one of the world's greatest bassists ever, so do your self a favor and pick up the "Outbound" cd. You will not be disappointed! - Mark

Brad Gillis Listen
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AlligatorBrad and I have been friends a good number of years. We both grew up in Alameda, Ca. He was also a founding member of the Alameda All Stars, a band I perform with when I'm not on the road with Gregg Allman. While Brad is most known for his work with Night Ranger and Ozzy, he has continued to make music on his own. In 1999, Brad and I were jammin' around in his studio and wrote a few songs together. Two of them, "Chain Gang" and "Monché LáRoughe", were included on his cd "Alligator". "Chain Gang" has an up tempo groove that starts with a rhythmic guitar line and builds into a frenzy. The song is somewhat industrial sounding, and Brad sings the lead vocals. "Monché LáRoughe", which only appears on the Japanese version of "Alligator", is a rocking tune with lots of cool guitar stuff going on. Brad and I share the vocals on this song and the chorus has a huge hook with big harmonies. The third song I appear on is titled "Heart-Shaped Wings", which I play some rhythm guitars on. Brad is a fine musician and it was a pleasure to write and record these songs with him. If you want to see and hear Brad live, then be sure and catch him on tour with his band Night Ranger. - Mark

Info Morris Thomas Listen

Wishes (2001)The Morris/Thomas Project was quite an experience! Leroy Thomas, who I've known for over twenty years, is a very gifted songwriter. He's also quite an impressive jazz guitarist, especially fingerpicking the nylon string. Orval Morris, a vocalist with a wonderful sense for the blues and jazz, completes the sound with his smooth, almost liquid singing ability as well as playing great percussion. Casey Morris, Orval's brother, played all the drum tracks. His spirit and hard dedication was inspirational! The Morris/Thomas cd is filled with brilliant harmony vocal arrangements. Together Leroy and Orval have a very unique sound. Songs like the title track "Wishes", "You Can Talk to Me" and "The Good Ones" are a few of my favorites. Leroy, Orval and I had gigged together on and off over the years in different bands, and Leroy would always show me his newest songs. Continually sharing these wonderfully crafted songs with me, I developed much respect for his songwriting ability. His style is acoustic rock with many different influences. Always clever hooks and catchy melodies. I always would tell him, "When you go in to record them, I'd love to play some guitars on them". In 1999 he went in to Spectrum Studios, which is owned by his brother Bob, and began tracking for his first solo cd! Once the songs were underway he asked me to come in and play some electric guitars, and I gladly obliged. Well one thing led to another, and along with playing the electric guitars I played most of the bass, sang some background vocals, produced and mixed the cd. "Wishes" was released on the indie label "Stork Records" in 2001. Leroy allowed me much freedom to create guitar lines and hooks for his already great songs. We had a tremendous amount of fun making this cd, and everyone worked very hard to make it extra special. The outcome is music that's very satisfying to the ear. Definitely an experience I'll always cherish! - Mark

Info Adolfo Luis Lazo

El Callejon: The AlleyAdolfo plays drums for the celtic rock band Tempest. They are from Northern California and have released several cds. I contributed guitar tracks to 6 songs for the "El Callejon: The Alley" cd. Adolfo's music incorporates a variety of styles from rock, blues and country. Adolfo sings all lead vocals, and some songs are sung in Spanish. The cd was recorded at his home studio in a very relaxed atmosphere. I played through a Peavey Classic 100 watt 2x12 combo amplifier and used my 1991 Fender Stratocaster. For the acoustic guitars I used a Martin and Epiphone. This cd has a variety of guest musicians and a colorful array of instrumentation that includes pedal steel, fiddle and flute. The music will definitely appeal to those with a special taste in mind. While Adolfo is a very talented drummer and percussionist, the "El Callejon" cd showcases his abilities as a singer and songwriter. - Mark

Jerry Wagers
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PropellerPropeller (1996 West Oakland Music) was written and fronted by the talented singer/songwriter Jerry Wagers. Jerry hails from Southern California and would frequently come up to the San Francisco Bay Area and sit at Mark's open mic gigs. Mark was always moved by Jerry's passionate singing and gifted songwriting. Jerry recorded the "Propeller" cd at TML Studios in Hayward, Ca. It was owned by Tesla Drummer, Troy Lucketta. The studio producer at the time was none other than Michael Rosen (Vicious Rumors, Todd Rundgren). While recording a song titled "A Dream Away," they realized it needed something special. Michael immediatly called Mark to come in and add some Mandolin tracks to it. The final result is wonderful as is the entire cd. Jerry is definitely very gifted, and it was a pleasure for Mark to work with him on his music!