Gregg in Chicago - 1999

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Searching For Simplicity

(1997 on Sony/550 Records)

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1.  Whippin' Post
2.  House Of Blues
3.  Come Back And Help Me
4.  Silence Ain't Golden Anymore
5.  Rendezvous With The Blues
6.  Wolf's a'howlin'
7.  Love The Poison
8.  Don't Deny Me
9.  Dark End Of The Street
10. Neighbor, Neighbor
11. I've Got News For You
12. Memphis In The Meantime
13. Startin' Over (3'19")
Musicians on tracks 12 & 13:
Vocal and Hammond B-3: Gregg Allman
Guitar: Mark McGee
Bass: Tommy Miller
Drums: Preston Thrall
Keyboards: Tommy Thompson