1985 - 1986
L-R: Gary and Mark     Starcastle is a progressive rock group from Champaign, Illinois. They recorded
4 studio LPs for Sony Music from 1976 to 1980: Starcastle, Fountains of Light, Citadel, Real to Reel. Touring with bands such as Styx, Rush, Jethro Tull, ect., Starcastle had a very nice taste of success during the 70's and recorded some great and imaginative music before the band split up in 1980.

     Original bass player/vocalist Gary Strater eventually moved to the San Francisco Bay Area where he began to reinvent his own musical direction. Ultimately this led to Gary forming a new and more modern version of Starcastle. When Mark and Gary met in 1985 they instantly knew that they should be working together, and Mark was asked to join this new incarnation of these prog-rock legends.
Musicians (1985-1986)
Gary Strater - bass, vocals
George Harp - lead vocals
Mark McGee - guitars, vocals
Scott McKenzie - drums, vocals
Jimmy Wagner - keyboards

Their chemistry together was amazing! They wrote and performed together in the S.F. Bay Area for about a year and a half. Unfortunately they parted ways without ever recording an album, but thankfully there were some demo's recorded.

Mark was only 19 when he joined Starcastle. A wonderful period of growth for Mark! His time spent in this band was truly a special & creative time in his younger years as he was able to stretch out and experiment.

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Starcastle live in 1985
performing Hearts at The Stone in San Francisco, CA


Starcastle at The Stone in San Francisco, CA - 1985

Wake Up

Deep In The Night

Lost Summer Wind

Any Motion