Vicious Rumors

A Tribute To Carl Albert - Live 1994
A Tribute To
Carl Albert

Word Of Mouth Digi-pack (1994)
Word Of Mouth

Plug In And Hang On (1992)
Plug In And
Hang On

Vicious Rumors (1990)
Vicious Rumors

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Vicious Rumors

(1990 on Atlantic Records)

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1.  Don't Wait For Me
2.  World Church
3.  On The Edge
4.  Ship Of Fools (4'26")
5.  Can You Hear It
6.  Down To The Temple
7.  Hellraiser
8.  Electric Twilight
9.  Thrill Of The Hunt
10. Axe And Smash

Word Of Mouth (1994)
Word Of Mouth

The Voice (1994)
The Voice

Welcome To The Ball (1991)
Welcome To
The Ball

Digital Dictator (1988)
Digital Dictator